Ember Consortium

Our alliance is based on advanced High sec Industry with no war decs, and access to multiple mining and production op's

Joining The Syndicate

100+ Pilots

4 Corporations

Joining is as simple as submitting an application, and talking to a recruiter. Individual applications can be accepted on a corp by corp basis.

Ember Syndicate

Syndicate of Ash Holdings

Part of being an alliance is having secured access to our communications services such as discord, and teamspeak, utilizing the alliance auth site you get that and so much more! from fleet timers, to op schedules and SRP management, we utilize our alliance auth for the the most efficient form security.

With moons popping once a week or more, we offer dedicated mining ops with full boosts to all of our members, on multiple occasions throughout the week. we also have dedicated booster pilots standing by when you get the urge to mine in any of our systems.

We have created a war dec free enviornment that is able to both provide you the benifets of low cost / discounted structures, and save you from times of war. we do not participate in the main alliance with war decs. however we still do low sec, and null sec pvp roams, and encourage all pilots to take part in spectre, and bombers bar fleets.

With multiple corporations within the alliance to choose from you are bound to find a corp that fits your needs. you have the options to contact the recruiters of these corps directly, or leave a message on this site for contact back from one of our recruiters. we are here to help you become a part of this awsome community!

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