Emberor is built using the RED discord bot v3 and hosted by Ember Syndicate. Once invited this powerful bot can help you manage and maintain your discord server, with jukebox, casino, cards against humantiy, and leveler system add more than just management, add entertainment to your server.

Commands for Emberor

addrole Add a role to a user.
announce Announce a message to all servers the bot is in.
editrole Edit role settings.
removerole Remove a role from a user.
selfrole Add a role to yourself.
serverlock Lock a bot to its current servers only. 
availablepermissions Generates the permissions of a certain obj...
deniedpermissions Generates the permissions of a certain object...
listpermissions Generates the permissions of a certain object a...
filter Add or remove words from server filter.
filterset Manage filter settings.
cog Cog installation management commands.
findcog Find which cog a command comes from.
pipinstall Install a group of dependencies using pip.
repo Repo management commands.
customcom Custom commands management.

audioset Music configuration options.
audiostats Audio stats.
bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue.
disconnect Disconnect from the voice channel.
eq Equalizer management.
llsetup Lavalink server configuration options.
local Local playback commands.
now Now playing.
pause Pause or resume a playing track.
percent Queue percentage.
play Play a URL or search for a track.
playlist Playlist configuration options.
prev Skip to the start of the previously played track.
queue List the songs in the queue.
remove Remove a specific track number from the queue.
repeat Toggle repeat.
search Pick a track with a search.
seek Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds or a to a special location.
shuffle Toggle shuffle.
sing Make bot sing one of her songs.
skip Skip to the next track, or to a given track number.
stop Stop playback and clear the queue.
summon Summon the bot to a voice channel.
volume Set the volume, 1% - 150%.

cahcredits Code credits.
cahgames Displays up to 10 CAH games in progress.
chat Broadcasts a message to the other players in your game.
flushhand Flushes the cards in your hand - can only be done onc...
game Displays the game's current status.
hand Shows your hand.
idlekick Sets whether or not to kick members if idle for 5 minu...
joinbot Adds a bot to the game. Can only be done by the player...
joinbots Adds bots to the game. Can only be done by the player...
joincah Join a Cards Against Humanity game. If no id or user i...
laid Shows who laid their cards and who hasn't.
lay Lays a card or cards from your hand. If multiple cards are...
leavecah Leaves the current game you're in.
newcah Starts a new Cards Against Humanity game.
pick As the judge - pick the winning card(s).
removebot Removes a bot from the game. Can only be done by the...
removeplayer Removes a player from the game. Can only be done ...
score Display the score of the current game.

allin Bets all your currency for a chance to win big!
blackjack Play a game of blackjack.
casino Interacts with the Casino system.
casinoset Changes Casino settings
coin Coin flip game with a 50/50 chance to win.
craps Plays a modified version of craps
cups Guess which cup of three is hiding the coin.
dice Roll a set of dice and win on 2, 7, 11, 12.
double Play a game of Double Or Nothing.
hilo Pick high, low, or 7 in a dice rolling game.
war Play a modified game of war.
russian Start or join a game of russian roulette.
setrussian Russian Roulette Settings group.

autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions
backup Creates a backup of all data for the instance.
blacklist Blacklist management commands.
command Manage the bot's commands.
contact Sends a message to the owner
dm Sends a DM to a user
embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off.
helpset Manage settings for the help command.
info Shows info about Emberors
invite Show's Emberors invite url
inviteset Setup the bot's invite
leave Leaves server
listlocales Lists all available locales
load Loads packages
localblacklist blacklist management commands.
localwhitelist Whitelist management commands.
reload Reloads packages
restart Attempts to restart Emberors
servers Lists and allows to leave servers
set Changes Emberors settings
shutdown Shuts down the bot
traceback Sends to the owner the last command exception that ha...
unload Unloads packages
uptime Shows Emberors uptime
whitelist Whitelist management commands.

bank Manage the bank.
economyset Manage Economy settings.
leaderboard Print the leaderboard.
payday Get some free currency.
payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine.
slot Use the slot machine.

Default prefix is !

8 Ask 8 ball a question.
choose Choose between multiple options.
flip Flip a coin... or a user.
lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link.
roll Roll a random number.
rps Play Rock Paper Scissors.
serverinfo Show server information.
stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch.
urban Search the Urban Dictionary.
hitbox Check if a Hitbox channel is live.
mixer Check if a Mixer channel is live.
picarto Check if a Picarto channel is live.
streamalert Manage automated stream alerts.
streamset Set tokens for accessing streams.
twitchstream Check if a Twitch channel is live.
youtubestream Check if a YouTube channel is live.
report Send a report.
reportset Manage Reports.

gif Retrieve the first search result from Giphy.
gifr Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy search.
giphycreds Explain how to set Giphy API tokens
imgur Retrieve pictures from Imgur.
imgurcreds Explain how to set imgur API tokens.

levelerset Configuration commands.
profile Show your leveler progress. Default to yourself.
profileset Change settings of your profile.
register Allow you to start earning experience !
toplevel Show the server leaderboard !

ban Ban a user from this server and optionally delete days of m...
hackban Preemptively bans user(s) from the server
ignore Add servers or channels to the ignore list.
kick Kick a user.
modset Manage server administration settings.
mute Mute users.
names Show previous names and nicknames of a user.
rename Change a user's nickname.
slowmode Changes channel's slowmode setting.
softban Kick a user and delete 1 day's worth of their messages.
tempban Temporarily ban a user from this server.
unban Unban a user from this server.
unignore Remove servers or channels from the ignore list.
unmute Unmute users.
userinfo Show information about a user.
voiceban Ban a user from speaking and listening in the server's...
voicekick Kick a member from a voice channel.
voiceunban Unban a user from speaking and listening in the serv...
case Show the specified case.
casesfor Display cases for the specified member.
modlogset Manage modlog settings.
reason Specify a reason for a modlog case.
permissions Command permission management tools.
roleinviteset Roleinvite cog management
actionlist List all configured automated actions for Warnings.
reasonlist List all configured reasons for Warnings.
unwarn Remove a warning from a user.
warn Warn the user for the specified reason.
warnaction Manage automated actions for Warnings.
warnings List the warnings for the specified user.
warningset Manage settings for Warnings.
warnreason Manage warning reasons.

avatar Display a users avatar in chat
botstats Display stats about the bot
channeledit Modify channel options
channelstats Gets total messages in a specific channel as well ...
emoji Post a large size emojis in chat
getguild Display info about servers the bot is on
getreactions Gets a list of all reactions from specified messag...
getroles Displays all roles their ID and number of members in o...
guildedit Edit various guild settings
guildemojis Display all server emojis in a menu that can be scr...
listchannels Lists channels and their position and ID for a ser...
nummembers Display number of users on a server
pruneroles Perform various actions on users who haven't spoken ...
removeguildjoin Stop bots join/leave server messages
serverstats Gets total messages on the server and displays each...
setguildjoin Set a channel to see new servers the bot is joining
topic Sets a specified channels topic
topmembers Lists top members on the server by join date

trivia Start trivia session on the specified category.
triviaset Manage Trivia settings.

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