Technological advancements over the last century have meant many of us now own multiple computers.

Founded In 2009 as Massive Dynamics

We originally got our start with Minecraft Server Management in 2009 and grew from there to host a very popular Minecraft server

LOTRO guild Founded 2010

We founded our Original Lord Of the Rings Online guild with over 500 active daily players on the dwarrowdelf server 

Hosting Options First Became Available 2013

Our First Hosting options became available in 2013 with the release of Massive Dynamics Hosting. What won't we do?

Founded EVE Online Guild 2014

We founded our Online Corp In EVE Online under the name Massive Dynamics and set off for the stars. 

Founded Ember Syndicate in Planetside 2 2017

We founded our Guild in Planetside 2 under the name Ember Syndicate, marking the first time we became known as Ember Syndicate. Over the course of the year, we would begin to organize and brand all of our groups under one home. the founding of Ember Syndicate.

Ember Syndicate Hosting Opens at the end of 2017

With a successful rebranding we incorporated our hosting services at massive dynamics at the end of 2017 and started offering game servers, web hosting, and design services


At the start of 2019 we began to offer managed hosting options for online users, on top of our design and basic hosting services.

Managed IT and In person services started 2021

We began to offer managed IT services in person for small companies around South West Missouri and North West Arkansas, Building our portfolio of services and offering.