Hosted By the Ember Syndicate Network.

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Join With Versions 1.8 - 1.16
(Modded servers require special packs)

Use Plots to protect your builds, and utilize the plugin slimefun to add mod like gameplay to vanilla. with a finely balanced economy and a strong player base this was our first server

Vote daily to get in game cash and a chance to win specialty keys to open up our cosmetic chests! Top voters each month get a prize!

Utilizing the plugin Plots squared, we have released a large flat map with plots, get up to 4 plots for free and merge them into one larger plot!

Get full access to world edit as a plugin within your plot. you will be able to select, edit, copy, and paste within the bounds of your plot! Get access to full creative, great place to build arenas and houses for other servers on network!

Join Our skyblock server and experience a traditional skyblock feel. with custom ranks, and scaling abilities, play together with a couple friends, or alone!

Join the server and jump right in! its easy to get started, you just have to take that first leap of faith! just don't literally jump that could be bad.....

From random meteors crashing down on your head, to acid rain, gamma storms, and blizzards our world wants you dead. Not just the weather but the passive mobs are done with you as well! Pigs, chickens, cows, ect. they will attack you!

You are allowed full use of hack clients, and everyone has the same permission sets. Rank does not matter on this server.

No Rules.
(with the exception of things that make the server unplayable for others)

We have paid a professional developer to rewrite the original plugins from the ground up. The developer is at hand for us to make improvements, and keep the plugin alive and working as we grow!

Zombie Manic is a Minecraft recreation of the popular Half Life mod Zombie Panic. The original server was a cult classic and garnered an amazing following. With the help from some original players, staff, and new players, we are bringing this classic back to the public with active updates.

We also offer multiple modded servers:

SF4    -
SB2    -
Eternal -
RLCraft -
ATM3 -
ATM6 -

You will need to install the correct mod pack, we prefer the use of the twitch launcher, and the most up to date version of these packs are what is currently in use. for issues or questions please contact us in our discord.