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Ember Syndicate is proud to offer top of the line hosting for players who would like to start there own hosted server. we use a premium panel for you to spawn up everything from Ark to Teamfortress servers. You will be given access to a consol and advanced config editor, including SFTP to transfer all your files between local host and server host.

website hosting comes with free sql certificates to allow HTTPS for your site, they are automatic and controlled from the panel.

basic support is provided through discord, and available when moderators and staff have time to provide, we also have a ticket support system that you can utilize to keep track of your support requests.

Premium support is provided by a direct channel in discord where questions are answered almost immediatly by several skilled staff members who will put asisde there time to help you with everything from basic questions to full server configuration

Hosting for our game servers is provided on truly dedicated hosts, we do not over allocate ram or cpu usage, meaning what you pay for is yours, even if you dont use it.

Games can be uninstalled, and new servers reinstalled, or multiple servers can be created using the package allocations your given.

DDOS protection is standard, and great for game servers!

Teamspeak servers are installed via the game panel, and the basic 32 slot server is provided, you are not paying for the teamspeak software or the licence, just the host the server runs on

You can install a teamspeak licence on any of our servers, and use query port for any of them.

Teamspeak servers come on dedicated ports.

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