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Planetside 2

Our First Community, Established in 2017 we focus on fun ops, drunk ops, and server community smashes. With ops happening weekly all you need to do is be on our discord, and ready to go!


ESYN - NC command

For Freedom!

The First, and original outfit for Ember Syndicate, Founded on a principle of freedom, we are here to grow ourselves how we want, not how were told. Our Brothers in ESYR and ESYV don't know a good time, until they have done it under the freedom of the NC. 


ESYR - TR command

For The Republic!

Ember Syndicate TR was founded to provide the Republic a strong foothold in Auraxis. Seeking to annex our brothers in ESYN and ESYV we will show them the true glory of Dakka. Only loyal soldiers need apply.


ESYV - VS command

Becase we're just better.

Ember Syndicate VS, is a combined group from the Sovereignty Dedicated to proving the value in advanced tech, and arms. once we have assimilated our brothers in ESYN and ESYR we will finally be Victorious.