Ember Syndicate

Est. 2017, Focusing on our two PVP groups in EVE and Planetside, Our Popular Rust Server, MojoServer Minecraft, and Server Hosting.

 Ember Syndicate was founded by gamers for gamers and provides all the options you need to participate in a new and growing community. By joining with us in any of the games we play you are introducing yourself into a group of friends that will always be there for you in your gaming adventures, So don't hesitate join our Discord group today and aquire roles for your favorite game today!

  Host your choice of game server today! Including Teamspeak3 servers, and Web servers

Base Host Pricing

Web Hosting

$ 10

per month

  • up to 10 domains
  • Free SSL certs
  • 25 free emails
  • 5 Free SQL Databases

Game Server Lite

$ 15

per month

  • 4 gigs of DDR4 ram
  • Intel Xenon Core 5
  • Web Panel Access
  • Sub User Accounts for teams

Game Server +

$ 30

per month

  • 8 gigs of DDR4 ram
  • 50 gigs SAS Storage
  • Web Panel Access
  • Premium Support


$ 10 - 75

per month

  • 25 - 50 gigs SAS storage
  • Personalized Web Panel using TSI
  • 15 - 200 member packages available
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